Life after 7:30 – informative program timeslot less important

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Timeslot changes of central informative news shows on Croatian national television networks have not affected the ratings, because the news today are consumed throughout the day on digital platforms, and the central news shows can only compete with additional content, not the timeslot – agreed the leading people of informative programs of HRT, RTL and Nova TV.

Lamija Alečković from HRT says that higher ratings have been noted on their informative channels during the migrant crisis, just like in the time of veteran protests, when the ratings of HRT4 news channel grew significantly. Nevertheless, the most watched informative show in that period came from Nova TV, where there were live broadcasts from the protest, reminded Ksenija Kardum from Nova TV. News on television is not more watched in certain timeslots in general, but when there are current event that interest a large part of the public, and so they look for additional information. On Nova TV the ratings grew more in the time of the floods, the arrest of Milan Bandić and the veteran protests.
When Nova TV’s Dnevnik started to run az 19:15, everyone said it was a tough timeslot, but they managed to become the most watched news program, and they remained that way after HRT’s Dnevnik changed its timeslot, said Ksenija Kardum. HRT’s shift of the Dnevnik timeslot half an hour back was not an easy decision, but there was more noise about it than bad experience, said Lamija Alečković.
An earlier timeslot for RTL is important, because they’re the first, but it’s also a shortcoming, because they have less time to prepare, said Igor Bobić, Editor in Chief of RTL’s informative program. The habit of watching television has changed, added Bobić – the television is not turned on at 19:00 or 19:30, it is on a couple of hours earlier, so at 18:30, when RTL danas begins, hundreds of thousands of people are in front of their TV screens which is much more than ten years ago. In RTL’s experience, news program ratings grow up to 30 percent when the viewers find out about events from other sources, so they look for additional information.
All three televisions have developed digital platforms as well, where the events are reportedly followed and news is published instantaneously. Nova TV has been developing their portal for a couple of years, and recently RTL has invested additional efforts into their portal, which has, claims Bobić, come very close to the leading portals on the Croatian web. However, none of the three key people from informative programs don’t believe