Caspar Schlickum

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Tell us about Xaxis, what are your duties? Which features and services does it provide?

I am the CEO of Xaxis EMEA, and in this role I am responsible for managing the operations and leading the strategic development of the Xaxis business across the region.

Xaxis is a global digital media platform that programmatically connects advertisers to audiences across all addressable channels. Through the expert use of proprietary data and advertising technology along with unparalleled media relationships, Xaxis delivers results for over 2,800 clients in 40 markets across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East. Advertisers working with Xaxis achieve exceptionally high return on advertising spend through the company’s proprietary media products, as well as through its wholly-owned specialist companies, Light Reaction, Bannerconnect, and ActionX.

If your co-workers picked a single word to describe you, what would it be?


Back in the days, who was your role model?

Not sure what you mean by “back in the days”, I think role models and teachers are someone you need always, now more than ever as businesses get more complex and the ecosystem we operate in becomes more diverse. As such, I have many leaders I look up to and admire for their strength, courage and intelligence.

Is it true that you’re holding the world record for the most number of consecutive, alternate eyebrow raises in a minute?

Yes, 226

You’re also DJ’ing! If we would ask you to quit your job and gave you a great deal to DJ professionally, would you take it?

Seriously? Of course, just show me where to sign. Actually to be honest, I probably wouldn’t. It’s a fun creative outlet, but I need something that exercises my brain more!

Except DJ-ing, what are your hobbies? How do you like to spend your free time?

I do lots of things a little bit. I love to travel, photography and making photo books, I’m into bikes (my Electra Straight 8i is my current pride and joy), listen to music (mainly jazz – I’m a huge Chet Baker fan), play tennis, golf and scuba dive. I also meditate every day and do yoga regularly.

What would be a first step to a successfully embracing programmatic buying?

Data is the lifeblood in this new programmatic ecosystem. So as data is key, the first step will be to understand which data you can bring to your programmatic partners to help drive results and understand what data they bring to the table to augment yours.

Why is programmatic buying which is performed automatically better than the one a person can do?

Publishers and advertisers have seen how programmatic is not a replacement for direct relationships, but is actually and effective and lucrative corollary.   By removing tedious, manual labor, programmatic technology makes ad buying via audience buying more efficient and more reliable.

It’s important not to lose sight of the fact that while the technology in programmatic is crucially important; it is people behind the technology who are steering the ship. With automation, the human touch – understanding which buttons to push or levers to pull (and in what order) remains critical to designing and implementing successful programmatic marketing campaigns.

What does automation of ad buying mean for one digital agency?

Every agency, client, and publisher is using these new technologies in different ways. I do expect that as they become more and more widely distributed into channels, that this will start to impact on long standing industry structures. This is already happening – for us to really take advantage of programmatic optimization opportunities, its imperative that we include the creative. So already today, we are working with the creative agencies at WPP in completely new and exciting ways.

Besides programmatic, what are the other buzzwords of the year that agencies should look out for?

The ever increasing prominence of mobile. If you’re not reaching, engaging customers on mobile, you’re likely to lose some of your targeted audiences.
Moment Marketing: Focusing on the now is crucial to every marketing strategy as it exists to adapt its communication and messaging based on an event or a particular situation such as weather changes or financial market trends. With programmatic growth and new technological developments, we are now able to leverage it and use the optimal window of time to create better brand relevance to a targeted audience depending on an event or a particular situation.