Workshops & Work Space


Boasting, Roasting and Toasting: Adventures in Storytelling

Tina Lee Odinsky-Zec

Zagreb School of Economics and Management, Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (USA/Croatia)

The rich tradition of telling and retelling stories will be highlighted with lively anecdotes and suprising facts about the art and science of storytelling.  We examine the beauty of classic stories and how adaptation reflects shifts in the beholders. We will talk about modern storytelling for personal development and corporate communications as well as explore different mediums for visualizing stories to create shared meanings.

Gaming to the Throne 


Elizabeth Lane Lawley

Rochester Institute of Tehnology, School of Interactive Games & Media, Professor (USA)

When we mention games and gaming, most of us think of online games, but today’s technology has enables the gaming industry to develop in other directions. Specifically, gaming has earned a much more significant position in marketing strategies. This workshop will show us how gaming can contribute to tourism and how to use it in the advertising industry.

The Power of Networking

Kristina Ercegović

Business cafe, Founder (Hrvatska)

When we were young, our parents used to tell us – be careful who you hang out with, or guilty by association. In today’s business world it is said that we become the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. Did you know that 57% of business in Croatia is settled over coffees? In business it is not only important what we know but also who we know, but networking is a lot more than just handing out business cards.

Find out how to effectively introduce yourself in 15 seconds and make the other party interested in what you do. Also find out what are the three key questions which can be used to establish a sensible initial contact as a basis for a long-term mutual business friendship, as well as where most colleagues make mistakes and how we can be more effective in networking.

Making News and Breaking News – The First Year of N1

Brent Sadler
Adria News Sarl, Chairman of N1 Editorial Board, Luxembourg

Tihomir Ladišić
Adria News Sarl, Director of News N1 Croatia, Croatia

Jugoslav Ćosić
Adria News Sarl, Director of News N1 Serbia, Serbia

Amir Zukić
Adria News Sarl, Director of News N1 BiH, BiH

Aleksandra Subotić
United Media Sarl, CEO, Luxembourg

As the exclusive CNN affiliate news channel in the region the N1 cable and digital platform is creating space for itself as a defining brand for professional news output in a crowded media landscape. In the first twelve months of operations the main N1 news centres in Zagreb, Sarajevo and Serbia have established themselves as leaders in the field of breaking news and covering live events. What are the challenges? How will the platform develop? What more can we expect from N1?

The Future of Professional Photography

Damir Fabijanić

Freelance, Croatia

Technology changed photography completely. Sometimes it seems as if postproduction became more important than the shooting itself. Through the development of technology, camera found its place in merely every device and therefore made it possible for anyone to shoot photos. What is the current situation and what awaits in the future? Is there still room for classical photography? Are there professionals in a world of amateur photographers?

Destination Dashboard 

Horwath HTL_LJ Research_full

Zoran Kasum

Horwath HTL, Project Manager (Croatia)

Tom Mathar

LJ Research, Research Manager (Scotland)

Destinations are disposed of limited data based on lump-sum observations and mystery shopping analysis, which in return overlooks the possibility of offering a superb experience at the destination. It is necessary to better understand your guests! By using digital technological solutions, such as Destination Dashboard, the results of these researches become of great value to destination management organizations, hotels, museums and other parts of the destination. This workshop will show us what we can explore, what way can the tourist destinations profit from it and at the same time raise the guest satisfaction level as well as the relevant benefits of the Destination Dashboard system and what it looks like in a specific example.

The Art & Science of YouTube

Anna Bartoskova

Google, YouTube Strategic Partner Manager CEE (UK)

Marta Lysiak

Google, YouTube Strategic Partner Manager CEE (UK)

Gosia Krasowska

Google, YouTube Strategic Partner Manager CEE (UK)

Chances are you have heard about YouTube. But do you really know the art and science of YouTube? Do you know how to work with YouTube’s algorithm, and not against it? Do you know how to grow your audience, leveraging channel, video and programming best practices? And what about your creative strategy? Do you have one and do you know what has worked for successful YouTube channels and how to measure it all up? Come with your questions and be prepared to work out some of the answers too. The workshop is aimed at video and web producers, social media managers as well as media creatives with an active interest in YouTube and video assets.

Shoppers Are Humans Too

Damjan Geber

Brigada, Owner and Creative Director, Croatia

Through the years of specialization in the analysis and design of successful sales concepts, we found certain “patterns” in customer behaviour at the point of sale that are directly linked to the organization and design of physical space itself. In cooperation with behavioural psychology experts, an analysis method was developed that affects customer behaviour as well as concrete guidelines on how quality space organization can affect decision making in a positive manner. In a world where new ways of digital technology implementation into physical space are conducted on a daily basis, this method can do just that – connect our positive on-line shopping habits with the real world in a very simple and logical way.


Medianet Does the Research: Who is the Most Popular Journalist in Croatia?

Once again after two years, Medianet will show us who the most popular journalist is in the eyes of Croatian people. We will take a look back to the 2013 results and present the results from 2015. Who are the most popular TV, radio and print journalists? Join us for a short, but very dynamic presentation and find out. Maybe you are one of the top 10 most popular journalists!

Metricom – Follow the Lives of Social Networks

Marko Buljan

Medianet, IT Manager, Hrvatska

An interactive workshop using the Metricom tool specialized for tracking and analysis of social networks in the region. Quick and easy, less false posts, local support and automated sentiment are just some of the benefits of Metricom over similar tools.

We Are Watching You Watching

Katarina Kostić

I&F McCann Grupa, Business Development Director Media Operations SEE (Serbia)

I&F McCann Group in cooperation with IPG Lab present the ATTENTV technological platform as a simple way of testing video content. There are many technologies on the global scene that are used for research and understanding viewer attention levels or certain video formats. Today, many platforms can decode viewer emotions, and even define the sex and age of the viewer. Most of them are a very technologically advanced and relatively expensive research method. In a time when online video content is rapidly becoming a primary way of gratification for quick information or light entertainment, and bloggers are becoming more important because of the effect they have on consumers, ATTENTV offers a quick, approachable insight if a certain video content will be successful with an audience, and that is not just  the number of likes, views or shares.

How to Make a Local Television Channel

Drenislav Žekić

TV Istra, Editor in Chief (Croatia)

How to create better and more watchable local TV programs in Croatia? Why is the aspiration of small networks to “grow up” and become big in a contextual manner a safe way into failure? How much money is necessary for a peaceful life of a local TV network. Who needs local networks – owners, journalists, technicians, politicians, businessmen, citizens….? Can local TV networks cooperate and create joint programs while at the same time keep their recognisability and their local “touch”? Find out the answers to these questions at a round table with the leaders of Croatia’s local TV networks.

Show Me the Money!!! Measure the Worth of Your Online PR Activities

Petar Ćuk

Mediatoolkit, Media monitoring specialist (Croatia)

You have just created a top online PR campaign for your Client. Now you need to show the fruits of your labour, but which metrics should you show so that the Client is satisfied and aware of everything you have done for him…measuring the effects of PR activities in a time of classical media was a question of many disputes and controversies. In a time of internet media and social networks the plot has thickened. This lecture will point out the main issues and possible solutions, as well as answer the question: can we show just how much money the Client has made with your PR campaign?

PPP [Beer After Programme]
The End of Digital Agencies?

Anđela Buljan Šiber

iZone, Director (Croatia)

We have been hearing stories that digital agencies have come to an end. Is there any use for agencies dealing with only one medium? Which agencies does a market need and which agencies will survive? Were digital agencies only a by-pass from traditional to post-modern times and in age can we put the Balkan region as such? We’ll talk to advertisers and agencies at the PPP.

Creative Agency Thinking: The Hunt for the Grand Idea

Alen Kekić 

I to nije sve, Creative Director (Croatia)

Rona Žulj 

I to nije sve, Copywriter (Croatia)

Creativity is, mostly in the marketing circles, for some reason considered something almost borderline mystical. It’s something that only a few are blessed with – mostly autistic quasi-artists here and there, who, after a non-articulated ritual and a few hectoliters of coffee tend to spill out some ideas, more or less to savor the taste of the person who needs to approve them. It’s good when creativity needs to be sold, but it’s bad when we talk about ideas and the creative process. That is precisely why we will take a shot at demystifying the term creativity and to awaken the process of getting ideas that great brands are built on. If you, as a Client, have ever wanted to see the other side of the process and try and look for ideas with us – you’re welcome. Who knows, maybe the creative process that you will get to know will help you to reach even more creative ideas than what you’ve been seeing lately.

How Would the World Look Like Without Design?

Ejub Kučuk, CEO (BIH)

We live in an era of digital media where information is exchanged in lightning speed. Our attention spans up to 144 characters, sometimes even 90, everything more is either too boring or too much. the speed of pacing and processing information has led to the fact that we communicate more via visual content (photography, posts) that doesn’t satisfy even the minimal professional standards. If we created content for social media, the consumers of this content are often undervalued. Why is online content less worth than outdoor or print materials? Why do we expect high-budget TVCs from s**t materials?

Contrary to this, the economies in the past centuries and decades have “grown” on differences, segmentation, well designed product packaging and promotional materials. The industry leaders have become what they are because of the fact that  each segment looked beautiful. Participate in this discussion and see how products and campaigns would look like if they were not designed. Would they become what they are today if they had advertised like most do online today?

Destination Advocacy – a New Model of Communication in Tourism and Hospitality

Anja Mutić

Travel Journalist & Digital Nomad (Croatia/USA)

Knowing the media value of promotion campaigns is important, as facts & figures can prove their success. That’s the foundation of classical destination PR but it’s no longer enough. Destination advocacy is a new model of promotion that uses emotional impact to win the hearts of influencers and opinion makers. Its ultimate goal: to reach the final users — tourists and travelers — and turn them into return visitors.

Editor Or Salesman: Let’s Finally Say ‘Goodbye’ to Pageview Metrics

Mario Krivokapić

Content 360, Head of Sales (Serbia)

Since the first days of online publishing, pageview as metrics has played a vital role: from selling ad space to determining the success of writers and editors. But, through the years, due to the nature of the parameter, the pageview metric system has deviated. Editors/journalists are forced to publish news that bring clicks. They write about issues that are popular, instead of important ones. Editors are becoming salesmen. This lecture will help you find out how the system has affected a small portal in Serbia in becoming a regional hit, how a fighter for human rights and equality has been proclaimed a racist and rejected from society, how a unknown and unestablished writer came to be on New York Times’ bestseller list, and how a well-know writer used the system as well as the conflict of two publishing houses to sell millions of copies of his book.

The answer is to change the perception of analytics. Instead of relying on one metric system (pageview, time spent), we should start taking a more holistic approach.

Content Insights will give you the complete picture on what’s happening with your content. With its help the editor can now get the information he needs in 10 seconds, no matter what this data should be.

From a Local Start-up to a Global Finish 


Bojan Mušćet

Hrvatski Telekom, Senior PR Expert (Croatia)

Dragan Petrić

Bug, Executive Editor (Croatia)

By way of interesting competitions and pitches, as well as strategically specified support, Croatian Telecom is trying to set the way for new companies that can ensure global success. The fact that it is working is shown from DivIT, uniGluko and PhotoMath – companies that HT collaborates with and which can definitely reach global success. The representatives of these companies will tell us how they started out, what obstacles got in their way and how they became noticeable in global markets.