Indoor Creative 


Indoor kreativac - LOGO 2015

A good creative solution is the basis of any successful advertising campaign. But what happens when you have a medium that doesn’t have to attract its viewers, listeners or readers? What if the target audience is already in the waiting rooms of medical or veterinary practices? Maybe they’re using public transportation, or are in schools and universities, elevators or business halls? Maybe even the beach?

In that case, it is enough to have a good creative solution based on AIDA principles that will do the job right. Sell your product! It is enough that the creative solution attracts attention and makes the target audience interested – a target audience which already happens to be located in a certain space. It’s enough to understand the nature of that specific media that become both interesting content and effective promotion. Such spaces create a need, and since a place of purchase is probably very close, it is enough to invite the buyers and receive an excellent sales reaction!

There! These are the kinds of creative solutions we expect while we kindly invite you to another INDOOR CREATIVE 2015 contest.

Pored mene film screening 


Olja was not satisfied with just teaching history. She wanted to change the world. Olja will find out this is no easy task when one of her students, responsible for attacking her, records the attack and uploads it on the internet. Since no one in class wants to admit and take responsibility, Ola decides to take drastic measures.

PPP [Beer After Programme] The End of Digital Agencies?

Anđela Buljan Šiber

iZone, Director (Croatia)

We have been hearing stories that digital agencies have come to an end. Is there any use for agencies dealing with only one medium? Which agencies does a market need and which agencies will survive? Were digital agencies only a by-pass from traditional to post-modern times and in which “age” can we put the Balkan region as such? We’ll talk to advertisers and agencies at the PPP.