SoMo Borac award winners announced at Weekend Media Festival

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Twenty members of the regional jury and pre-jury assembled of the media and digital professionals had a difficult task of picking the best work. The eight categories had a total of 123 submissions, and the 3D printed SoMo Borac award was also given to the finalists.

„We are very pleased with the number of applications as well as their quality“ stated Ružica Vrdoljak Ličina, from the SoMo Borac organization „and we are especially thrilled that there is an increase of applications in the SoMo tech category. Compared to last year, we have seen a significant increase which is literally showing us the upcoming trends. The idea of SoMo Borac also has an educational character, and this trend also continued in this year – all finalists were shown at the award ceremony so that all Weekend visitors could check up on the regional digital scene“.

24 awards were given out this year. The statue of the Great SoMo Borac was received by the winners of the category, and the Smaller SoMo Borac went to the finalists.

SoMo Face:

Pioniri Communications, Drina plastic (Winner)

Pioniri Communications – Lov i ribolov TV, United media

McCann Beograd – Raiffeisen bank


SoMust Have:

404, The Voice (HRT) (Winner)

New Media – One Telecom

Cvoke – PIK Vrbovec


SoMo Content:

McCann Beograd, Infostud (Winner)