Entrepreneurial “freefall” of the famous acting duo

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Entering an entrepreneurship always poses a huge risk, especially if one is entering the art sphere. Rene Bitorajac and Branko Đurić Đuro, both famous actors, have recently decided that they want to start a business, and they explained their motives and a desire to create the first private theatre in Croatia on the panel “Who’s actin’ over there”.

“Artists rarely have the need to become entrepreneurs. In Sarajevo this is also extremely difficult because being ambitious is considered to be a fault, so that the most successful people are the ones who hide their ambitiousness. Rene and I didn’t go into this with too much overthinking and planning, be kind of went head first and we hope the idea will be successful”, said Branko Đurić Đuro.

The theatre will open in the former movie theatre Mosor in Zagreb, where it will not only feature classical shows but also various workshops, educational lectures, panels and events that the citizens of Zagreb have not yet had a chance to see. They still haven’t decided on the name of the theatre so many of the Weekend Media Festival participants asked which one of their two names “Vesela republika” and “Luda kuća” would better represent their new theatre. The audience gave a bigger advantage to Đuro’s name “Luda kuća”, but it is still uncertain whether this will be the help with the final decision.

„I consider myself a businessman and I am definitely not entering into this in order to become one. It is important for the both of us to do what we love and to have a good live doing it. It rarely happens that we get a chance to turn something that is already set up as a theatre into our vision of an entertainment space where we can realize all our ideas”, concluded Rene Bitorajac.