Big Eyes of Little Spenders – What Our Children Watch

11% of children in Croatia are classified as overweight, while Europe is marking a significant increase of obesity, which is a result of inadequate nutritional habits and an absenceof physical activity. Furthermore, in Croatia, 25% of children spend over four hours in front of the television, while on the weekend the numbers go up to 40%. The time spent in front of the screen is in direct correlation with inadequate nutritional habits and larger body mass index – these facts served as introduction to the panel “Big Eyes of Little Spenders – What Our Children Watch”, which had the following participants: Mario Fraculj (HURA, Croatia), Ivan Gale (RTL, Croatia), Olivera Međugorac (Croatian Employees Association, Croatia) and Daria Vranešić Bender (University hospital Zagreb, Department of Clinical Nutrition, Croatia).

How to survive the technological revolution in the media

The world is going through significant changes, and journalism which has so far operated in fixed models has currently been caught up in a whirlwind of changes. Shifting news to online platforms and a persevering global economic crisis have forced the journalism profession to seek out new business models and ways of financing. Weekend Media Festival held a panel discussion regarding new ways of journalism surviving in an ever-changing environment, with Marko Biočina from Jutarnji list, Ivona Čulo from Adria Media Zagreb, Marijan Jurenec from Planet TV and Mihailo Ponjavić from Media Impact Serbia.

Jelena Bando and Slaven Lunar Kosanović at the Weekend Art Corner

This year, the Weekend Media Festival has opened its doors to artists. They have become part of the Weekend Art Corner which was located in Garden, the main exhibition hall, on the way to the main lecture and panel stages. During this year’s Weekend Media Festival, Jelena Bando and Slaven Lunar Kosanović each painted a canvas.

Jelena Bando is a young painter and illustrator, the founder of the 36 Mountains festival of illustration.

The Future of Professional Photography

The title of the lecture “The Future of Professional Photography” has been boosted by the fact that professional photography (especially from 1990 until today) has not been given any real media or professional attention. Maybe the best illustration for this, says Damir Fabijanić, is the fact that this is also the first Weekend Media Festival that has had photography as a topic.

Entrepreneurial “freefall” of the famous acting duo

Entering an entrepreneurship always poses a huge risk, especially if one is entering the art sphere. Rene Bitorajac and Branko Đurić Đuro, both famous actors, have recently decided that they want to start a business, and they explained their motives and a desire to create the first private theatre in Croatia on the panel “Who’s actin’ over there”.

“Artists rarely have the need to become entrepreneurs.

We will probably not need banks in the next five years

Clockwork is an online engagement agency, a group of consultants, designers and developers who always strive on finding the key issue and in some way push their Clients towards finding a solution. Since his time in Clockwork, Mark Dek has developed a few new areas of expertise. The first area of expertise is innovation management, which is basically helping organizations to become more innovative by engaging their employees and consumers.

Creating a global brand or Croatian Downton Abbey

Creating a high-quality and long term television series is a difficult task that requires a lot of knowledge, a large budget and some luck. Creating a series that will make it on a global level is something completely different. The Managing Director of Antenna International, Pete Smith, has shared his considerable knowledge of creating a long-lasting brand which is capable of making it on a global level and facilitate the creation of similarly successful products in the future.

Caspar Schlickum

Tell us about Xaxis, what are your duties? Which features and services does it provide?

I am the CEO of Xaxis EMEA, and in this role I am responsible for managing the operations and leading the strategic development of the Xaxis business across the region.

Xaxis is a global digital media platform that programmatically connects advertisers to audiences across all addressable channels.

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