MediaNet investigated: the most popular journalists are Bago, Šprajc and Kopljar

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The most popular journalists in Croatia in 2015, according to the general public are Mislav Bago, Zoran Šprajc and Saša Kopljar, it was announced at the Weekend Media Festival. MediaNet, a company for media research and analysis from Zagreb has once again conducted the research at a representative sample of 1000 adults throughout Croatia. The survey was conducted from September 12th until September 15th, and the names from each medium were given as a choice.
MediaNet also conducted the survey with the member of the Croatian Public Relations Association as well as journalism students and professors from several Croatian universities and colleges. They declared themselves regarding the best TV, web portal, radio and print journalist.
Ivana Petrović (Nova TV) and Zoran Šprajc (RTL) shared the flattering title of best TV journalist while Mislav Bago (Nova TV) took the third place.
The best journalist in the web portal category is Ilko Ćimić (, followed by Helena Puljiz (T-portal) and Boris Dežulović (freelancer).
First place in the radio category is shared by Barbara Kolar (Antena Zagreb) and Mislav Togonal (HRT), with Željka Gulan (Mediaservis) in third place.
According to the survey, the best print journalist is Ante Tomić (Jutarnji list), Boris Dežulović (freelancer) took second place, and sports commentator Tomislav Židak (Jutarnji list) took third place.
The research results were presented by Iva Šulentić.
According to MediaNet’s research at the Weekend Media Festival two years ago, the most popular journalist then was Mislav Bago, followed by Aleksandar Stanković, Goran Milić, Zoran Šprajc and Denis Latin.
After the most popular and best journalists were announced, MediaNet presented Metricom, a social network communication search and analysis tool that gives the most accurate search results, and is especially modified to tracking communication in the region.