Lynn Montgomery: How to get best out of Generation Y?

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Generation Y, as the latest generation of work capable young people, is often encountered with problems at the workplace despite extremely high potentials and they have a hard time finding jobs that really interest them. The Vice President of the Cotrugli Business School, Dr. Lynne Montgomery, at the “Leader challenge: How to maximize Generation Y potential!” panel, discussed the problems which young professional encounter while looking for a perfect career, but also about employers who need to keep the most talented of them.
„In average, Generation Y employees change their jobs every 12 months because they are not fully engaged and also because they are not doing what they’re interested in. The have a sense that their job is not really important so they look for better conditions in other companies which presents a large problem for the company because it invests a lot of time and money in the development of young talents”, stated Lynne Montgomery, also adding that employers need to engage young employees but also that employees need to be active within the company and be ready to accept and improve company culture.
Lynn Montgomery claims that the educational system has the biggest role in creating a large quantity of unused talent, since it potentiates information memorizing, instead of training student for a job that they want to work at.
„At the MBA programs in the Cortugli Business School we want to teach students to use their heads, not just memorize vast quantities of theory. Furthermore, we propose that large companies send a great number of employees into the program so that when they back to their company they would have a bigger number of colleagues that went through the same educational system and so that they can make easier advances in improving company culture and communicating what style of work better suits them to the employer”, added Lynne.