Katarina Kostić: We are Watching you Watching

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The media tend to offer a great possibility of targeting on the principle “right here, right now” on a daily basis. There are more contextual messages and media, the personalization of porta web pages is greater, all for a closer and more relevant connection with the consumers. Nevertheless, in a sea of content and possibilities there is a danger of transmitting the wrong message to the end user “in the right place at the right time”. We are witnessing the fact that consumers are starting to turn away from content that is offered at every step – they are literally removing themselves from the “noise” that is slowly suffocating them. Since the moment of someone’s attention became priceless, one of the key technological and media trends of 2015 is how to measure and quantify intimacy that a consumer achieves with a certain content.
I&F McCann Grupa, as part of the IPG network, are at the source of the newest insights from the world of technology, media and consumer behaviour. We are dedicated to understanding and predicting the ways that each new change and occurrence will effect evaluation, planning and creation of media in the future. At the Weekend Media Festival, Katarina Kostić presented ATTENTV, one of the new advanced services directed at determining and measuring intimacy between the viewers and the content. Concretely, ATTENTV enables a passive attention and emotion measuring while watching video content in a simple and affordable way, by using a web cam of your home computer.
On one side, the communication industry is faced with growing challenges that are a result of modern technologies, media and their development. On the other side, the combination of media and technology offers endless measuring possibilities, understanding, quantifying and most importantly, predicting communication effects.
ATTENTV, as a link of technology and media offers answers to concrete questions which help us understand what successful communication means.
What effects the success of video content?
What are video’s qualities?
Is the length and duration of video content important? Are the number of likes, mentions and sharing video content a measure of success of a video content?
The content that we watch, like, comment and share has become a sort of social exchange which helps us achieve various personal, social and professional ambitions. “To us who work in this industry it is crucial to understand how and why consumers act in a certain way toward certain content. That is why we need to be dedicated to shifting borders, using new tools and knowledge, all for a better understanding, but also a better service towards our Clients. We must be visionaries who will foresee trends, and curiously yet boldly face new tendencies and changes”, said Katarina Kostić.