How to use Twitter in advertising

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Simplicity and conciseness of Twitter have won over the world of social media, where it has held the title of the most popular social media, along with Facebook and Instagram. It is precisely because of its format, and the brevity of messages on Twitter, that advertising becomes a completely different challenge in comparison to other social media.
Scott Thwaites, Partner Manager EMEA Twitter from Ireland, explained the phenomenon of Twitter advertising at the Weekend Media Festival, and the way in which brands and experts can reach their target audience in an easy and effective way in real time.
In order to understand the advertising system, Scott explained the difference between Twitter and other social media as well as its advantages, like targeting events that are currently happening. Campaigns that use “PowerofNow and participate in daily discussions have shown to be the most successful in the sense of advertising, because they address the individual user on the subject that the user himself picked.
Along with the classical form of advertising, Twitter also offers the broadest spectre of video advertising, which with the current popularity of the short video format like Vine, creates a very broad and suitable target group for advertising.
Scott Thwaites has brought closer all that and many other advertising tools that are also available on Twitter to the Rovinj audience as well as sparked the development of the development of creative methods of advertising in this versatile social medium.