Jelena Bando and Slaven Lunar Kosanović at the Weekend Art Corner

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This year, the Weekend Media Festival has opened its doors to artists. They have become part of the Weekend Art Corner which was located in Garden, the main exhibition hall, on the way to the main lecture and panel stages. During this year’s Weekend Media Festival, Jelena Bando and Slaven Lunar Kosanović each painted a canvas.

Jelena Bando is a young painter and illustrator, the founder of the 36 Mountains festival of illustration. She received her diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and the University of Wurzburg. During her stay in Berlin she held the position of Assistant to the famous Croatian painter Lovro Artuković.

Slaven Lunar Kosanović is one of the pioneers of the Zagreb street art scene, an artist who has exhibited his works in New York, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Berlin and Tokyo. He has won many prizes, and his works have been published in numerous international publications.