The Future of Professional Photography

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The title of the lecture “The Future of Professional Photography” has been boosted by the fact that professional photography (especially from 1990 until today) has not been given any real media or professional attention. Maybe the best illustration for this, says Damir Fabijanić, is the fact that this is also the first Weekend Media Festival that has had photography as a topic.

In order to understand photography in today’s context of speeding up time and daily new technological solutions is not easy at all. Therefore, Fabijanić has come up with a brief and concise review of the history and future of photography at the same time offering a platform for understanding of what we can expect from (primarily professional) photography in the future.

“It is a fact that, rarely in any other area of expertise, amateur result tend to compete with the professionals, and no one has tackled this subject with any seriousness so far”, stated Fabijanić.

The idea of the lecture is to let all the media professional try and remember what is important – he wants them to remember the logical and visual information (thesis) on the subject of photography. This information will try and explain the problems that are completely neglected due to the character of easy technological availability.