Ad blocking isn’t a problem if you have good content

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The advertising industry faces daily challenges from the modern market and a way to come closer to end users. There have been many changes in the past few year, and these changes happen so fast that they require learning and overcoming new technologies on a daily basis. Needless to say that these technologies need to be adjusted to the needs of the global society as well as new trends.

Since the beginning of the occurrence of media, he content of one medium is used as content of another medium which completes its content and creates a new form of expression.

Digital marketing has become one of the most important success factors of every company, no matte their size, activity and location.

Joanna Maria Bakasa from LHBS Consulting in Germany stated that quality advertising needs to focus primarily on the consumers and their demands, and not just on the product. Furthermore, it is important to find out the public’s demand by quality segmentation, like how they shop, how they feel and how they think. If planning is based on this relevant data, success is ensured in the modern market. Segmentation is also important in creating the main communication messages.

Besides the development of digital marketing, the panellists also talked about ad blocking and its effect on the future of advertising and the market itself. All participants agreed that, in order to avoid its negative influence, it is necessary to produce high-quality, interesting, fun and interactive content that the consumer will not reject, and which will entice the consumer to watch out for the content in the future.

“Targeting will change the future, but only if you have good content”, concluded Ivona Janjić.